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Why Lingerie is important ... Even if nobody sees it.

24 Aug, 2016

Why Lingerie is important ... Even if nobody sees it.

The most important rule of lingerie, or anything you choose to wear really, is that lingerie is never about him. It’s always about you. Here are three reasons for why we believe what’s under your clothes matters, every day.


Wearing something a little cheeky helps you feel good. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t spring out of bed in every morning feeling like I ooze sex appeal and confidence. Some mornings, especially if I’m feeling a little flat and uninspired, I need a little boost.

Even if nobody sees it, slipping on some delicate, beautiful lingerie underneath my armour for the day is like carrying around a powerful little secret. It lets me know I’m in control.

Confidence often equates to better success in all aspects of life. Think of account execs who win a big contract after wearing a fierce bustier beneath their blouse, graduates who landed their dream jobs after buying a saucy bra and panties, single gals who never stopped wearing their naughty lingerie. People know when you’re confident.


Lingerie helps to remind you of your sensuality.

You haven’t left the house in a few days, the only dates you go on are with your "besties" and the delivery guy doesn’t even attempt to flirt with you. Sometimes, you need a reminder that you are in fact, a feminine, sensual creature. Lingerie can gently remind you, and often pull you out of indifference.


You actually never know where the day might take you.

You’re on autopilot, getting your morning coffee, and suddenly you notice the new Barista who’s far more delicious than the soy flat white you just ordered.

You actually never know what a new day will bring, so my rule is always try to be prepared. Do you really want to run into the new cutie at work knowing that underneath you’re rocking some seriously safe cotton bloomers with a super-visible panty-line? Probably not.

Remember how Mum always told you to wear nice underwear in case you got hit by a bus? Well, that’s probably a solid reason too.


That’s not to say it’s always easy weighing up the decision to wear your soft, stretched-out, but oh-so-comfortable flesh coloured Bridget Jones panties versus some lacy smalls. But I have to say I’ve never regretted taking the racier option.


Words by Sally Cotching.

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